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Next Generation SEO

In today’s online marketplace, quality is the best policy. The information, value, and solution you provide visitors sets you apart from your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

Social networks provide an ideal place to market your brand. Consumers use social media to get information, share stories, and connect with the world.

Paid Search / PPC

Pay per Click advertising is an effective way to promote your brand online. You can attract more customers to your site using compelling, professionally written ad

Website Design

Improve customer engagement and conversion rate with cutting-edge website design. At Spike Interactive, we don’t just build websites that work; we make them

Reputation Management

In today’s diverse and challenging market, it takes more than just will, strength, and finances to stay operational. The competition is tougher than ever; your business

Content Writing

Google changed the way people get information online, for the better. With its series of algorithm updates, the search giant became more capable of

rankings on mac

NextGen Digital Agency

The ever-changing digital marketing landscape calls for better strategies. Businesses need to work and play harder to win the competition and get a fair share of the market. They need the right partner in achieving long-term online success.

The increasing need for better techniques and ideas inspired a group of marketing professionals to step up and make a difference; hence, Spike Interactive was born. The name was derived from the mission to spike up or increase data, traffic, rankings, conversions, customers, and keep the business growing. For us, it’s all about solutions and positive results. We do what it takes to guide clients on the right path to success in adherence to ethical, white-hat methodologies.

Passion Meets Compassion

We’re not just web marketers; we’re game changers. We’re not successful with our work unless our clients are successful and satisfied. Our passion to help businesses of all sizes gain online supremacy keeps us motivated. Friendly, comprehensive, and compassionate service is our promise.

Consultation Process

Understanding Your Business & Pains

First and foremost, we absolutely appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Moving forward, it's very important for us to learn about your online business and discover any pains you may be experiencing so we can show you a viable remedy.

Online Analysis & Demo

We'll take a closer look at your business and how it translates to your current online visibility. We'll analyze the good and the bad, and assess which strategy that would best custom fit your needs and goals.

Audit & Summary Proposal

At this stage, with a mutual understanding, our team of experts will assemble together a site audit and an executive summary proposal outlining the solutions that would present the best strategy for success.

Review Audit & Summary Proposal

We place importance in reviewing the audit and summary proposal with the prospective client due to the technical nature. We also value your time, therefore, we want to make sure all the technicalities are 100% clear, and any questions can be answered in real time.

Some Milestones

We have 10 years of experience in the Digital Marketing space. An agency dedicated to fulfilling quality work with the latest and greatest methodology for the client. We’d love for you to grow with us!

Happy Customers
Successful Projects
Site Analysis & Demo
Cups of Coffee Consumed

Our latest client dashboard technology

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critical to Mobilize Your Website for seo & conversion

Google has released a new Mobile Friendly Update, stating sites that are not mobile friendly will not be favored to rank top 10. Additionally, site owners may see a warning, “Your page is not mobile-friendly”, in search results snippets. In short, Google wants users to have the best visitor experience. Don’t let your potential customers bounce for the next competitor.

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